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Fake Fiancée by L. Steele

I should’ve never agreed to being his pretend fiancée…

Jace Walker aka JK aka Mr. Smirky Pants.

Mr Obnoxious who asked me to be his fiancée, so he could save his inheritance.

If I agreed, he’d deposit a million dollars in my bank account, no questions asked.

I should have turned him down and walked away… should’ve!

Sadly, I needed the money to save my floundering start-up, and to put my sister through college.

Besides, the rules were pretty simple: Feelings were not on the table, not unless I initiated it.

As if?

I hated him, I loathed him. No way was I going to fall for the most notorious playboy of the Valley, right?

I definitely didn’t need to think twice about this, I signed.

Guess what happened next? Yeah… no!

We barely lasted the flight on his private jet across the pond, failed to convince his family… oh! Did I mention I got drunk and swam naked in front of them, gulp!

Only that seemed to catch his attention.

He wooed me, courted me, floored me with his trademark panty-melting smirk. He convinced me that he was the one…

He must be, right?

Then a phone call from my past changed everything…

Note: This is an enemies to lovers, pretend fiancée billionaire romance with a very satisfying HEA.


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