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Blue Moon by Alana Albertson

Bad Boy Blue Angel Pilot Woos Innocent Virgin Influencer.

Once a year, the Blue Angels perform for Fleet Week in my hometown of San Francisco. They fly over the Golden Gate Bridge wowing the crowds with daring sky stunts and fabulous formations.
Normally, I would just spend the day sunbathing on my rooftop deck. But this time, I’m getting my wings.

As a key influencer, I’ve been chosen to fly with a Blue Angel.

My heart leaps out of my chest when I meet Sawyer “Huck” Roberts, and it isn’t from the G-Force.
This Blue Devil has a girl in every city. Once he finds out I’m a virgin, he refuses to be my one-flight stand. Even so, I’m determined to change his mind.

When he asks me to come with him during his air show tour, I say yes, yes, and oh, yes.

We have nothing in common but cosmic chemistry. I am the sun, and he is the moon. And while the moon chases the sun, they can never be happy together as they’re destined to collide only in a total eclipse of the heart.


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